✨【Interesting Design】: This notebook has a unique Pop Fidget cover.When kids are under pressure to do homework, or adults are under pressure to write paperwork, you can squeeze and play with it.Your mind and body can relax in a good way and the stress will be released immediately.

✨【High Quality】:This pop fidget notebook is made of high quality friendly silicone.It is safe, healthy and nontoxic.This is a great option for kids who are going to school or doing homework.

✨【Fun Everywhere】: The design of this pop bubble notebook can relieve your stress at work or school, and it can also make people calm down quickly.You can use it at school, park, home, office, or anywhere.

✨【Great Gift】:This beautiful notebook set can be given as a gift to a friend.Parents can give it to their children as a birthday or holiday gift.Teachers can also give it to students as a graduation gift or reward.

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